The biggest challenge to the next person in the helm


The election campaign period for local elective positions has officially started last October 25 but because it coincided with Good Friday, the start of the campaign was deferred to the next day, although political parties and candidates only started to actively campaign last Monday. From now on we can expect a daily dose of election promises we will never know which one will materialize once the winners are seated on their throne.

This is now the time to be doubly cautious about what to take hook line and sinker from the words that come out of the lips of the candidates. They will tell the voters they are the best for the position and job while their political adversaries are the worst that can happen.

Voters must rely on their own observation, knowledge and personal experience about life and what ails society. From their experience they would know what will address these problems and concerns not only at present but also those in the future.

The assumption and presumption about candidates are that they are running for elective positions because they have genuine intention to serve first and personal comfort last. That is what voters should discern who is who and who is what.

It should be clear by now that the biggest challenge to the next leaders of Bohol who will preside and provide directions to the lives of the people for the next three (3) years is the proliferation of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs is so much different from insurgency and the approaches and measures to be taken must therefore be different.

Insurgency grows by feeding on the unaddressed misery of the people and the absence of government where it should be in the midst of the people. Illegal drugs grow by feeding on the greed of the people from all walks of life and sector of the community.

Insurgency cannot thrive among the people in government because the downfall or destruction of government is the very objective of insurgency. On the other hand, illegal drugs thrive very well with those in government.

In fact during the briefing of the Provincial Pace and Order Council (PPOC) during its meeting last month, P/SSupt. Dennis Palo Agustin, police provincial director, said that one of the three (3) ingredients that create a volatile election situation in Bohol is narco and criminal politics. He said Bohol is not just a trans-shipment but haven of drug pushers and users. Drug money is being suspected of being used to fund election activities of some.

This was reiterated by the Bureau of National Investigation (NBI) in yesterday’s meeting of the PPOC when its representative said that illegal drugs have found their way into the campuses of colleges and universities in Bohol and have victimized not only students but also teachers. He said that the NBI has arrested both students and teachers who were found using the contraband. When even teachers who should demonstrate the highest virtues if only to be the example of what they teach, can become victims of illegal drugs, it is time for drastic measures.

We never dreamed of this before but now it is already a dreaded reality. Last week the Bohol News Today headlined the fear of NBI that Bohol may be on its way to being a narco-province. A remote possibility? All one needs to do to find out is look and ask around where one can buy cheap shabu and he or she will be directed to the nearest “tiangge.”

With more than 200 kilometers of shorelines, Bohol needs Superman, Batman, Capt. Barbel and Darna to bring us to our senses. So who among the candidates is Superman, Batman, Capt. Barbel or Darna? It is a choice we have to make on May 9, 2016.


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