By: Ben Emata

The word terrorism is unknown or never heard many decades ago but as times passed by, it has become deadly, a real terror and is frightening not only to some world leaders but practically all countries around the globe. People of various nationalities are talking about it and the scary news reports that took place recently in some cities in Europe.

Some European countries have been attacked and hundreds were killed and wounded – – a thing that outraged millions of people in peaceful places. No one knows when the next disaster would take place but just the same big nations are preparing for such event and ready to fight. I am not aware if our country has done something to protect our people. I am sure of one thing, though, that Filipinos are busy talking about politic, the candidates and the forthcoming national elections in May, this year.

Who are these terrorists? For a fact we know they come from within us the reason why they know the terrain of places, the rivers, the lakes and the hills. They know where to bomb, who to kill and how many they can kill in one setting. This is not just horrible but a real threat to life and property for everyone.

The good thing is terrorism has united big and strong nations around us like the United States of America, Russia, China, England, Germany, France and a lot others. It looks like they now use their strength to combat the actuations of these enemies of society. The problem is the terrorists are like the shadows of the unknown who are unidentified until they are arrested. It need sophisticated methods to battle their advances and threats to mankind.

I wish to state that everybody is exposed to the danger of terrorism. It is on this theory that I warn all people to be very careful and be ready when the terrorists strike. Nobody is safe since bombs could fly higher than we think and its nails and small metals may touch our skins. Untimely death could ensue which means victory for the evils.

And because we know these terrorists strike in places where there are a lot of people, it is only paramount that we should be aware and be able to ward off the threat and stay safe. We must be brave, strong and intelligent enough to withstand the peril of modern day tragedies. We should not panic or lose our desire to protect ourselves.

I urge people to avoid being in large crowds, in big groups of people, in busy streets corners, staying long in malls, in public markets and other places attractive to the terrorists. These attackers can be defeated in many ways even without the use of guns if we know how. Awareness and consciousness can keep us safe. We must cooperate with the government in its efforts to dismantle the bases of the terrorists. Report to the police the presence of any suspicious characters or strangers who might be carrying explosives in our neighborhood.

I urge our government to give lectures and seminars to people in public places and by way of the media on how to avoid attacks. We must educate the public the intricacies of bomb explosions, how to drop to the ground when such moment comes, etc. Always we must preserve life and sustain peace in our midst. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service

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