Suspect arrested for illegal numbers game

PILAR.- One Renato Langamin y Licayan alias “Ondo”, 50 years old, married, high school graduate a native and resident of San Miguel, Dagohoy, was successfully arrested by PNP personnel of Pilar PS under the direct supervison of P/Insp. Dario A. Nuez together with 3rd Regional Public Safety Maneuver Company for violation of illegal numbers game locally known as “swertres.
Confiscated from his possession and control the following items. To wit: one (1) piece white paper tally sheet containing figures in different combinations, printed with letter Sita and figure 10/2016 at the top portion; one (1) pc. Ballpen color black marked as “RLL 03/10/16 with signature; one (1) stub containing five (5) pages, two of it contained date and combination figure and the remaining three (3) are empty with one carbon embedded; cash money worth one hundred fifty (P150) pesos, Philippine currency, in one (1) pc. 100 peso paper bill with SN BW043115 and one (1) pc .50 paper bill with SN NZ49632.
Suspect was duly informed of the nature and cause of his arrest as well as his constitutional rights and anti-torture warning in the language that he fully understood. Confiscated evidences were bought at the Bilar Police Station for documentation. Suspect is now temporarily detained at Pilar PS lock-up jail. Appropriate charge is now prepared for inquest proceeding.

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