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This column had a pending series about EDSA. Due to some technical problems in the printing, we have to come out with a conclusion on our series. Here it goes:
We declared in our previous issue that we immediately left our job in Cebu as communications technical of the National Media Production Center (NMPC) in its regional office at the provincial office at the Cebu Provincial Capitol.
NMPC in Bohol was headed by our late maninoy, Dim Butawan (father of BPI Branch Manager Deo Butawan) while the Office of Media Affairs (OMA) in Bohol was headed by Dionisio Calibo Jr. now the presiding judge of Regional Trial Court of Bohol, Branch 50 based in Loay town.
When the Enrile-Ramos-Honasan coup ‘d etat broke out, we were working as a communications technician at the NMPC regional office in Cebu City which was located right at the premises of the Cebu provincial capitol.
Our regional director at that time was Manang Bes dela Cerna, a known media personality in Cebu radio stations before she joined the government.
Our job there was simple, man the audio-visual unit of NMPC which was equipped with a roving film player and conduct public film shows in the different municipalities in Southern Cebu.
Anyway, the Tagbilaran-Cebu route is only served by the famous inter-island vessel, Sweet Heart of Sweet Lines, Inc. which will leaves Tagbilaran City every midnight and leaves Cebu for Tagbilaran the following day at noontime.
Just like now, the alternate route in going to Cebu is through Tubigon town.
When Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos presented a group of military rebels in Malacanang in the evening of Feb. 20, 1986 which he identified as members of the so-called Reform the Armed Forces Movement-Young Officers Union (RAM-YOU) we know that there is already a coup ‘d etat.
This was broadcast nationwide. We immediately took the M/S Sweet Heart for Tagbilaran City at noontime the following day and left our job at the NMPC in Cebu City without further ado.
Days after the EDSA revolution, we decided to resume our work as a stringer over the DYRD newsroom.
In the later part of 1986, we decided to put a stop of being a bachelor and tied the knot.
A year later, Constancio C. Torralba assumed as OIC governor of Bohol succeeding former OIC Gov. Victor de la Serna. We joined the capitol staff of OIC Gov. Torralba.
In the 1988 local elections, Torralba got elected as Bohol governor while Atty. Jose V. Torralba became the city mayor of Tagbilaran. It was the time that TCTC was born.
It was not the defunct Tagbilaran City Traffic Commission, it was Torralba sa Capitol, Torralba sa City Hall.

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