By: Ben Emata

When the month of February has 29 days, which normally takes place every four years, this means it is leap year. Normally, February has only 28 days

In the olden days, it is believed that a woman who stays unmarried, say an old maid, should change her posture on relationship and marriage – – must jump and grab a man for her husband or she will stay single for the next four years. Of course, we know this has no basis because marriage is an institution that just come when it really comes.

During those days of kingdoms, gladiators and Tarzan, it is quite difficult to get a woman for a wife. A man had to undergo a long process like sending messages of love to a woman, courtship, serenade in the night, etc. It is so different today when some women even show their affection to a man via flirting, inviting him to dinner or whatever. In some nations, culture, practices and tradition have metamorphosed so much that it is the woman who makes advances. It is the bride who spends during the wedding and reception that follow. A poor girl has to work harder to save money for expenditures during marriage. This is normal.

Anyway, leap year logically has its advantages and disadvantages. Business firms have to pay their workers one extra day of work but also earn for the day. Prisoners due for release at the end of the month, have to be in jail one day more. Travelers aboard planes, ships, motor vehicles, etc. have to be on the move for one extra day. Those staying in hotels must pay one more day of stay. Mountain climbers need to be on the top of the hills one more day. Jobless people must stay jobless at least for a day.

Everything is one day late because the end of the month is still one day away. In warring countries, ceasefire or end of hostilities or fighting have to wait for a day before smokes of gunfire can stop. In short the warriors must fight for another day before they could shake hands and smile. But one thing, instead of paying your debt at the end of February which is supposed to be on the 28th, you pay it next day. Is that not wonderful?

In my case I have to take a shower for a day, extra shave, extra food, more drinks, phone calls, writing email messages, one more day of everything I normally do. I will call my grandchildren to give them encourages, laughter, jokes, etc. I can enjoy life for another day by eating more ice cream, watch TV news and read newspapers. What a beautiful day God has given us extra bonus to be happy. BEN EMATA Bennex News Service.

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