HILLTOP holds 7th culmination rites

Hilltop Children’s Playhouse, Inc., a preschool situated on top of the hill on 178 Hontanosas Extension in the Third District of Tagbilaran City, celebrated the completion of school year 2015-2016 in culmination rites held at Dao Diamond Hotel in Dao District last Thursday morning.

With its theme, “Preschool: An Investment to Secure a Bright Future”, the preschoolers marched with pride toward their respective seats in the spacious Sta. Fe Hall together with their respective parents at 8:45 to start the ceremonies together with this year’s honored guest, Rosario B. Corales and accompanied by the school’s administrator, Marietta L. Corales.

Rosario “Inday” Corales in her inspirational message drove home the point that kids must be allowed the opportunity to develop their whole personality early in their lives. Developing not only in academics but in other aspects such as cognitive skills, motor skills, communication skills, problem solving is provided early in a child’s life in the modern day set up. Preschools are here to lay the foundation for the development of the children’s total personality. She implored the parents to work hand in hand with the school for results that will make everyone proud.

Fritzel P. Orcullo, a Holy Name University teacher and mother of Keanne, a nursery pupil, spoke for and on behalf of the parents to express gratitude for how Hilltop has nurtured her child. Other numbers in the program were rendered by the kids themselves who range in age from 3 to 6 years old. There were dance presentations by level from the Toddlers and Bumblebees, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2. The theme song this year was “Yesterday’s Dream” which was sung by the Bumblebees kids and Kinder 2 who this year finished their respective curricula to move ahead to kindergarten and to grade school respectively.

The invocation was given by Alexa Ighot, a Bumblebee pupil. Ma. Bea Isabelle Sorono, this year’s Hilltop Student of the Year, the highest honors given to a student at Hilltop, gave the welcome address while Celestia Leigh Fuentes gave the message of thanks.

Certificates of completion as well as various awards were distributed. Each Hilltop student also gave his/her parent a garland of beautiful flowers as a token of thanks for the love and support that he/she got from them in a number aptly called “Tribute to Parents”. A couple of fathers also rendered a surprise dance number. The faculty includes Jane Contreras, Claire Parmisano, Laarni Paredes, Fatima I. Lasula, Mary Joy Clarabal Garcia and Haide Clemen.

After the program, pictorials were taken while more tables and chairs were added to accommodate all who attended for lunch. Dao Diamond prepared lunch. The Hilltop Parents, Teachers and Staff Association (HPTSA) provided lechon to supplement the already sumptuous lunch. The parents milled around after lunch for more pictures and bonding while the kids played around. Dao Diamond has been the venue of Hilltop culminations for four years now.

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