British national victimized by unidentified snatcher

TAGBILARAN CITY- A British national was victimized by a unidentified snatcher in Torralba corner M.Parras Streets in this city last Sunday.
The victim was identified as Robert Green, 43 years old, single, a resident of United Kingdom but temporarily residing at Nisa Hotel in the city. The victim was said to be walking near the hotel when all of a sudden the said snatcher got his bag.
His bag allegedly contains P18,500 cash, 50 Dollars,25 Pound including diving paraphernalia.
According to PI Rosemarie Avenido, Duty Officer in the city police has tasked the members of the Theft and Robbery section to conduct thorough investigation regarding the incident. Thereafter, PO2 Noel Lopos and PO1 Jun Rey Narciso conducted investigation. According to the responding policemen, no one wa able to see the snatching incident even though there is a security guard detailed in the said hotel.
Meanwhile, the police became suspicious when the said foreign national forcibly asked a copy of the blotter report from the PNP personnel even without the signature of the Chief of Police. Green reportedly made a scenario that he was about to go back to his country and when the police asked for his plane ticket, he presented nothing.
This strengthens the suspicions by the police that it was a modus operandi of some foreign national to be able to claim Insurance, that is why they will make you believe that the have been victims of snatching.
The city police said that this should be an eye opener for the public for they have been recorded cases similar to these in other provinces.

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