A way to waste good people’s money


I wrote about it before and I am going to write about it again today because I literally puked last Friday upon passing and seeing two sections, long sections of very fine national highway being demolished so that it could be repaved or re-blocked or whatever term theDepartment of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) calls it. There is just no rhyme nor reason nor logic in demolishing a good section of a concrete road no matter how old so that it could be repaved or so that money that have been underutilized or excess money could be spent.

This time I am referring to the re-blocking work being done to that portion of the national highway at Brgy. Tontonan, Clarin and at Brgy.Mahayag, San Miguel. I am not an engineer so I may need some educating on road building, construction and maintenance. But no matter what education I get does not justify why a good road must be destroyed so it could be repaved. What ain’t broken need no fixing. That is a cliché that is true whether in old or modern English form.

But DPWH has no recollection of that saying or they have so much money to spend even if it is considered a waste of good people’s money.

For the last six months I travelled those portions of the national highway here in Bohol and I don’t ever remember that I felt unsafe driving on those sections of the road. So why should they be unsafe now?

We thank DPWH Secretary Singson for the road projects that he has programmed for Bohol. We thank President Benigno S. Aquino III for the favour that he has given to Bohol but if this is the way DaangMatuwid is to be pursued by his administration that is ending in June and which is promised to be continued by Mar Roxas if he becomes President, I won’t want this kind of daangmatuwid.

If this government is looking for roads to be straightened, why not try to go to the far-flung barangays and see what kind of roads our people are treadingeveryday just to go home or go to the market. Why can’t national government give local governments more responsibility and capability to improve our barangay roads.Why can’t excess money of DPWH not be reallocated to the local governments so that these could be used to build the much needed barngay roads?

Government through the Local Government Code of 1991 or R.A. 7160 has recognized the role of local governments in creating self-reliant communities so why not equip these local governments not only with power and authority but also more funds to build and maintain their local roads?

Last Friday I was in Brgy. San Miguel, Danao as a member of a validation committee that looked into the proposed rehabilitation of the San Miguel-SitioKabangcalanBrgy Road of more or less 2.2 kilometers under the INREM Project of DENR. It is a barangay road that leads to a rich agro-forestry area but only the name is a road. Even a motorcycle could hardly pass on the road. Surprise of surprises there are four (4) concrete spillways that connect the road constructed by the people themselves under the KALAHI-CIDDS program. Bless the KALAHI-CIDDS program. DPWH should learn from the KALAHI CIDDS implementation.

What I am saying is that the repaving or re-blocking program of DPWH on portions of the national highway that are still good is a slur if not An insult to the sensibility of the people who know perfectly What they need. If they want to make money for their bosses or for the election campaign of their bosses they might as well do it somewhere else where such kind of wasting money is appreciated.

It sure is a way to waste good people’s money and it abhors us to see such good money being put to waste.


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