A challenge to the Bohol opposition


The formation of the so-called Bohol opposition is quite an interesting part in this island province of Bohol which electorates are known to be pro-administration.
But we admire the political bravery of Cong. Aris C. Aumentado who fall from the graces of the ruling party simply because of the maneuvers of his detractors.
The younger Aumentado simply said that he does not want to undergo the sufferings of his late father who even cried et tu Brutus at the height of what he saw as a stab in the back.
Cong. Aris wanted to show to all and sundry that this is already the new generation. Of which, we definitely agree.
Now that he has taken the road against the administration, Cong. Aris should drive his political car efficiently as this one will definitely bring him to what political position he would like to be.
Leaning towards him is the political pulse of the Boholanos who have been identified to be pro-administration.
If Cong. Aris will be able to muscle out forces in his solid north complemented by former Camen Mayor Che Toribio de los Reyes and the other key personalities in the newly-created Bohol opposition, we might be able to see a son rising.
However, we humbly suggest that the Bohol opposition must be able to move with precision. Its moves must be deeply calculated now that the administration has found a real challenger and not merely an abstract opponent.
One thing we know, the administration will unleash the powers that it has been duly identified with just to measure the fire power of the Bohol opposition.
The task in the future is quite challenging. However, after that, politics will again be back to this island province.
Easily, no one stands against a power that has already been tested in the electoral exercise.
Invoking the wisdom of his father, Cong. Aris can easily take the vibrant of the youth as he plans ahead of his self-imposed challenges.
In the first place, no one remains to be permanent friends. Only permanent interests. Every politicians even change bedfellows overnight.
Bohol politics is of no exception. Wait for the start of the campaign period on March 21. The outcome would remain to be seen.
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