By: Ben EmtaHe

I was laughing hard and almost fell from my swivel chair to the floor while reading an article in the Internet about VP Jejomar Binay who said he is expert on graft and corruption. He further averred that when he was mayor of Makati, he was able to eradicate poverty, raised standard of living and many other things that benefited the residents.

On the second paragraph of the story, it was revealed that the Ombudsman has indicted the vice president and his son Junjun for graft and corruption, malversation falsification of public documents in the construction of the P2.2 billion pesos Makati parking building. It was alleged that the construction of the parking building did not pass through proper channels. The cases filed in court against Binay also involved several city hall employees believed to have corroborated and also received kickbacks

Last year when Mrs. Elenita Binay was the city mayor of Makati, she was also charged in court for plunder. The last report on the matter was that the wife of the vice president had filed a personal bail bond for her temporary liberty.

The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee which undertook in the investigation of the alleged irregularities in the construction of the parking building recommended the filing of plunder cases against Vice resident Binay. The vice president was summoned several times to attend the investigation but he reportedly did not honor such processes. Few weeks ago, it was also reported that Binay’s statement of assets and liability has jumped up more than 230 percent in just two decades that he got into the government service.

The vice resident and other presidential candidates are reportedly in Cagayan de Oro to participate in the public debate to be held st the gymnasium of the Capitol University. Earlier reports revealed that some members of the local media were discriminated and not invited to cover the affair. Because of this development, some members of the Cagayan de Oro Press Club might boycott coverage thereof and had even started criticizing the organizers for such gesture.

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