Tricycles, PUJs still resist order for new fare rates

TAGBILARAN CITY – Some tricycle and public utility jeep (PUJ) drivers are still defying the order to charge their passengers with new fare rates.

A tricycle driver, who only have driving as his main source of income and supporting a family of seven, said in interview but declined to be named that he can hardly make both ends meet. How come the government becoming so insensitive that it caused the reduction of the minimum fare of tricycle fare in this city.

What can they earn from only seven pesos considering that even the petroleum prices have dropped,m, the prices of other basic commodities and spare parts are skyrocketing, he lamented. There are also a lot of tricycles plying everyday to earn as his competitors.

He said that some of his colleagues are still charging their passengers with old rates, adding that there still are unscrupulous drivers who are still charging more than the minimum especially from the pier to city square or from here to satellite market and bus terminal.

In separate interview, a PUJ driver who is also working hard for the money to support his family, said that what is happening to transportation industry. He said the reduction of fare rates for PUJs badly affect their daily income since most of them do not owned the unit they’re driving.

He also made mention of the expensive spare parts and basic commodities sold in the stores. Why won’t the government intervene to make these prices also reduced, he added.

Recently, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has approved the petition for lowering the iminmum fare of PUJs from P7.00 down to P6.50 /passenger in Central Visayas. It took effect February 8, 2016, report said.

Some quarters asked does it need for a public hearing since what they know is that there’ll be public hearing when increasing of fare rates. (rvo)

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