A vow given before God “for poorer or for richer” far into the clouds of nowhere and beyond, and until we breath our last

A beautiful love story that knows no bounds. This is true and it happened in the state of Ohio, USA.

Kenneth and Helen eloped when they were both in their 20’s because in Ohio, marriage should take place only at the age of 21 or more.

After living together in the same house, sleeping on the same bed, enjoying life together, they were blessed with eight children and 43 grandchildren. Every morning during breakfast, they would hold hands, engaged in lively conversations, exchanging jokes, expressing admiration and displaying their love for each other.

Kenneth worked as railroad inspector and Helen stayed home to tend to the needs of their young kids. Love for both never waned even for a minute even in their 90s.

Everyday is a life filled with joy, romance and laughter. The couple was extremely happy and survived the rigors of the things around and the future.

Just this week, Helen died at the age of 92 while her husband was besides her. Kenneth was completely devastated and could not stand the pains in his heart. In a little more than ten hours, he succumbed too, to join her into the world beyond and the unknown.

The couple lived together for more than 70 years.

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