The morning after Valentines Day


A year ago today, we wrote in this corner about the morning after the Valentines Day. Here it goes:
We consider presenting to our wife as our Valentines gift yesterday a gift she will never forget for the next five years. Why? Because she will use it every day until the day the bank tells us sayonara.
Our wife claimed that it was not only intended to her but to the family as well. But that is the essence of our love giving, of course. The model of our gift will make us feel that we’ve only just began. It’s called an MU-X, translated as “murag uyab”.
Today is the morning after we presented our Valentines gift to our wife, eh, family. Then the monthly amortization begins.
* * * * * *
This is the morning after the Valentines Day. So what?
For lovers, today is the time to clean up everything after a whole night of romance. Leaving no traces, just like what the Marinse do when they operate in the jungle.
Unfortunately, the traces of what you did last night will have a stirring effect in your lives. Especially if another human being will come into life. Remember, there is always an effect to what you did.
* * * * * *
For couples, it is the time to account and pay your liabilities that you incurred last night. Employers see to it that the payment of your salaries for this quincena was advanced yesterday.
The promotions among restaurants, bars, fast food chains, flowers and chocolate come in left and right will take a bigger portion of your budget for this month.
Some observers noted the massive commercialization of the Valentines Day. It is not how much love we give. It is more of how much we spend. That is the morning after the Valentines Day.
* * * * * *
To the loveless, the morning after the Valentines Day was just like a resurrection. No we do not mean the resurrection from the dead. That is quite blasphemous.
It was more of redemption from their being lonesome the whole day yesterday. Well, most of them claim that going into shopping spree or spending the day with a bottle of wine or beer will make them energized rather spend the day with someone whose loyalty they cannot be sure of.
They can always come up with more and more and more reasons to justify their being alone during the Valentines Day as a defense mechanism.
* * * * * *
To the cynical, they have a creed that they still don’t believe in Valentines Day but rationalizes they indeed believed on what it stands for.
They also argued that Valentines Day should not be a special day in order to love and be loved. Loving should be every day and being loved must be everyday in our lives if we also loved.
However, they are convinced that everyone must have someone to be loved. The religious people knew whom to love.
* * * * * *
How we miss reading the sayings in our Valentine Cards. Yesterday, sending Valentines card was just a second option to texting which is very much impersonal nowadays.
The morning after the Valentines Day brings us thoughts down our memory lane on how we use February 14 to let others know how we indeed loved them.
This should be the real essence of Valentines Day. Belated Happy Valentines to everyone.
* * * * * *
POSTSCRIPT: The morning after the Valentines Day, there were a lot of condoms found at the premises of the K of Promenade this city. Oh, My, God. For comments and suggestions and non-violent reactions, just write to [email protected]

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