The Chinese New Year as a Philippine national holiday


Monday, February 6, is Chinese New Year’s Day. It has also been declared by Pres. Aquino as a national holiday in the Philippines. This was not so in the past; only now when he is four (4) months away from the end of his term as President. For what reason? We can only surmise.

First China has been a trading partner and ally of the Philippines as far as history can trace. Besides the Filipino blood is always a mixture of Chinese blood before any other race. In fact President Aquino, the siting President, is a Chinoy (Chinese-Pinoy) by blood. One cannot find a place in the Philippines without a Chinese businessman running a store in the past or a mall in the present. China has helped the economic growth of the Philippines in no small way.

Talk of culture. Practically all superstitious beliefs that the Filipino family believes in and practice are derived or originated from the belief system of the Chinese. The celebration of New Year is full of these beliefs – wearing of clothes with polka dots, equipping the dining table with 12 kinds of round fruits, exploding fire crackers and lighting all sorts of fireworks to driving away the evil spirits and many more. Attracting good luck by constructing a building guided by fungshui and many others.

We used to be referred to as the little brown Americans because of our fascination for everything American. But we should really be the China town outside of China. Our markets are flooded with China-made goods even if these are not considered the ideal and durable ones.

We should really be honouring China for the friendship and the progress and development that it has helped us achieve. But after all these years why only now have we declared an important event for China as a national holiday? Were we afraid then that our No. 1 ally and protector – the U.S.A. would be slighted? Or did we take for granted our relationship with China for a long time because they did not wield a big stick in the world power?

Or is it only now that we realize we cannot do away with China nor can we afford to be an enemy of China even if it is trying to take over a part of our valuable territory?

Yes the once described as the sleeping giant is now waking up and is showing what power it can wield in world affairs.It has already blown hot air to the direction of the super power of the world – the U.S.A. Will it breathe fire next? Before it does, it will be good to show we are an ally instead of an enemy by adopting as our own things that they hold dear in their hearts starting with making our national holiday the Chines New Year.

If this is the best thing to do, shall we interpret this as also a form of surrender of our rights over the Scarborough Shoals? By officially declaring the Chinese New Year also a national holiday in the Philippines, is President Aquino dictating on the next President of the Philippines what policy to take on the issue of the Spratly and the Scarborough Shoals being annexed by China?

This is just a question that comes to my mind but it can also be the question of our readers. In this world nothing happens that is not tied or related to a bigger purpose. In this case what is the bigger purpose? We can only guess.
One thing sure, the next President after June 2016 will have his or her hands full of problems that will need an immediate meeting of the Cabinet.


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