Terrorism threat in tourism monitored

PANGLAO, Bohol – Officials here are taking precautionary measures against any form of terrorism that might disturb tourism here.

In an interview, tourist police chief Jojit Mananquil yesterday said that this town is susceptible to terrorism attack considering this town is a tourist spot by mostly foreigners.

He said they won’t let their guard down but continue to monitor the movement of suspected groups or individuals.

The subject of terrorism threat was tackled during the Municipal Peace and Order council meeting presided over by Mayor Leonila P. Montero.

The officials tackled this sensitive concern, responding to an advisory of the terrorism threat.

In fact, police here are advised to be always vigilant of the threat as the advisory hinted that the neighboring province of Negros is also allegedly being targeted by the potential threat.

Tourist police here said that they don’t want an incident happened in Samal island in Davao to occur here. Foreign tourists there were snatched by still unknown group of kidnappers who brought their bounty somewhere in Sulu.

Mayor Montero ordered her policemen and tourist police force to be always on the lookout to protect residents here and tourists/visitors in this premier tourist town.

She said that the Montero-Fuertes administration is hell bent in providing the necessary assistance just to protect the populace and the visitors alike from harm. “Our people and visitors must be secured” she said in vernacular. (rvo)

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