Sea level rise affects Panglao airport feared

SOME citizens expressed fears that climate change in sea level rise may affect Panglao airport.

In her fb post Noelyn Dano had this to say: “I hope we Boholanos will be more concerned on the likely impact of this to our island more than on the possibility of a ‘no international airport at Panglao’ scenario.”

“Some might tell me na ‘kill joy’ ra kaayo ko. But i’m really just trying to be realistic and sensible (though i understand others may not agree with me). Sea level rise is much more serious than what many of us assume (especially for us islanders),” she continued.

“Years & years, environment experts came to Bohol to give a talk & maintained that rise of sea level will eat away the coastlines including Panglao’s & adviced against an airport of int’l scale in that island because the foundation is coral &, hence, porous. A rising sea level & our vulnerability to earthquakes are what we should consider in infra projects….Baw, giimbitar ra man pod adto. Di man gyud tingale enough maminaw sa experts kay envi experts di man magdala ug kwart,” Chriysilli Mitzi Ibaya said.

Report said that the amount of sea level rise that comes from the oceans warming and expanding has been underestimated, and could be about twice as much as previously calculated, German researchers have said. The findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a peer-reviewed US journal, suggest that increasingly severe storm surges could be anticipated as a result.

“To date, we have underestimated how much the heat-related expansion of the water mass in the oceans contributes to a global rise in sea level,” said co-author Jurgen Kusche, a professor at the University of Bonn.

The overall sea level rise rate is about 2.74mm per year, combining both thermal expansion and melting ice. Sea level rise was also found to vary substantially from place to place, with the rate around the Philippines “five times the global rate.”

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