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Due to technical glitz, this column was supposed to come out yesterday. Our apologies. Here it goes:
Yesterday we remember the People Power Revolution and there are a lot to talk about the anniversary.
With more reason that we really wanted to write about EDSA after we met a companiero by the name of Atty. JV Bautista the other day at the MetroCentre Hotel and recalled our days with the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP).
Joining the CEGP at the height of the dictatorship was tantamount to rebellion or sedition.
We just mentioned a name with Atty. Bautista and he remembered his CEGP days together with our compadre, Ric Obedencio. By mentioning the name Chito Fuentes and Lean Alejandro, the late president of the University of the Philippines (UP) Student Government, it made Bautista recalled everything.
Incidentally, Atty. JV Bautista is now the secretary general of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) with Vice Pres. Jejomar Binay as its presidential standard bearer.
Upon the other hand, our compadre Chito A. Fuentes is now writing for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte, presidential standard bearer of the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban).
Our compadre Ric Obedencio is now with this paper while we are with the Bohol Standard.
Simply stated, we now live in different lives, 30 years after that bloodless revolution in our country in 1986.
Unfortunately, we noted that nothing has changed in our political leaders 30 years after Marcos was forced to surrender Malacanang. Except for the revival of democracy in this country, nothing has much changed.
It is on this regard that we start our memory of the bloodless revolution which started at the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (EDSA) and ended up with a forcible takeover of Malacanang after the deposed Pres. Ferdinand Marcos was transferred to Pawai then to Hawaii.
At that time, we were working with the National Media Production Center (NMPC) under the Office of the President stationed in Southern Cebu as communications technician.
We were based at the NMPC Headquarters beside the Cebu Capitol and was working under our regional director, “Manang Bes” de la Serna. Our task was to show movies aboard our mobile vehicle in almost everytown in Southern Cebu.
When the People Power broke out, we immediately reportedly back to our headquarters and wait for the latest developments in Manila.
When we noticed that the Marcos government is already falling down, we took the available schedule of M/V Sweetheart in our way back to Tagbilaran from Cebu City. (To be continued)
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