Minor raped by a drunk man

VALENCIA- A minor was raped particularly at the house of a certain Ignacio Gamutan of Barangay Poblacion Occidental, of this town by Franklin Baldon of legal age, and a resident of Brgy. Poblacion Occidental of the same town.
Investigation conducted by PNP personnel of Valencia police station disclosed that while the victim together with the suspect and her other companion having a drinking session at the seaside beach located at Dimiao and after their drinking session they decided to return back in their respective house.
The victim ride the motorcycle driven by the suspect, believing in good faith that she will be brought in her house at Poblacion Occidental, Valencia. While they were on their way, she was surprised when the suspect change his route and instead brought her at the residence of Ignacio Gamutan at Barangay Poblacion, Occidental of the said town and then suspect force him to go inside the house.
While inside the house ,the suspect raped her and after he fulfill his lustful act he told the victim to use illegal drug, but the latter refuse and because of too much fear, she jump at the back portion of the said house and run towards the neighbouring houses and ask for help.
The police of the said station rescued the victim and conducted manhunt operation for possible apprehension of the suspect.

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