Mayor Imboy concernedon on mock elections

LOAY.- The mock elections was conducted last Friday to know of some problems that may arise on upcoming May 9 elections.
But, according to gubernatorial bet Mayor May Imboy of this town that if the elections was conducted now then there are lots of problems that will arise including electoral protests from candidates. According to Mayor Imboy that some of the Vote and Counting Machines are defective since it does not read ballots.
She added that due to bad signal especially in far-flung barangays, then the transmission of the results will be affected.
During the 2010 elections, the PCOS machines were used wherein several complaints were pointed out and so as in 2013 midterm elections, according to Imboy.
She also pointed some worries about election maneuvers since some of her party mates now received zero votes in some towns.
She likewise encouraged COMELEC to make sure that the elections will be credible.
The Smartmatic became controversial due to the allegation during the bidding and that they failed to transmit 23% of the election results.

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