Duterte camp: Appeals would no longer prosper

The legal counsel of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte welcomed the dismissal of all the disqualification cases against him and expressed confidence that any motion for reconsideration or appeal to the en en banc “would not prosper”.
“We are truly happy that the First Division of the Comelec finally dismissed the four cases filed against Mayor Duterte,” said lawyer Vitaliano Aguirre.
He said they have been expecting the dismissal of these disqualification cases as they are just “nuisance cases.”
The cases were filed by Ruben Castor, John Paulo Delas Nievas, Rizalito David and Ely Pamatong.
Aguirre added that these disqualification cases were filed “with the help of some presidential candidates who are afraid of his candidacy.”
Duterte’s lawyers, however, did not name names.
“With the dismissal, all clouds of doubt as to whether Mayor Duterte would be disqualified have been erased,” Aguirre said.
Political analysts said the disqualification cases were like an albatross around Duterte’s candidacy despite the mayor camp’s confidence that they will be dismissed.
“His campaign could now go full blast and the supporters who are hesitant to give full support to his candidacy will come out in the open,” the lawyer noted.
Aguirre expressed his belief that other legal options will not prosper, pointing out that “the decision is unanimous”.
Media team chief Peter Lavina added that as Duterte has stated in the past that he is confident that his certificate of candidacy was “proper, legal and can stand legal scrutiny.”
“We continue to respect the legal processes and call on the Comelec to finally dismiss with finality all petitions to disqualify Duterte as candidate for president,” he disclosed.
Lavina also warned that the worst is not over.
“We call on our supporters to continue to pray and resist and expose vicious black propaganda circulating that Duterte would be disqualified,” he added. (CHITO A. FUENTES)

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