Drug suspect arrested by cops

TALIBON.- Danny Torreon alias “Danny” of Brgy. Guindacpan this town was arrested by the police after a search warrant was served and duly issued by Judge Irma Zita Masamayor presiding judge of RTC Branch 52 dated Feb.10.
When the arresting team arrived at the house of the suspect, they did not hesitate to forciblyopen the door and was able to cornered the suspect.
The search was witnessed by two barangay officials and media representative. Recovered in the house of the suspect were eighteen pieces small heat sealed plastic sachets containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu recovered inside the room placed inside the rectangular plastic box, three pieces small open plastic sachets with suspected shabu residue, thirty pieces small open plastic sachets used as re-packer, two pieces cut aluminum tin foil believed to be used as tooter, three pieces headless lighters color yellow and orange ,three pieces needle believed to be used as cracker, two pieces forceps believed to be used as sealer, one piece digital weighing scale, two pieces improvised funnel made of plastic straw with suspected shabu residue, one piece scissors believed to be used as cutter The subject was then brought to the police station while waiting for charges to be filed against him.

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