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One of our idols in journalism, Federico D. Pascual Jr. wrote a piece in his column Postscript in the Philippine Star last week on his unsolicited advice to an exiting President.

We have to give way to this as Pres. Pnoy does not seem to listen to Pascual’s advice and went on with his idiotic ways of endorsing Mar Roxas, the man who would not be President, as his anointed one.

Pascual wrote among others, vis:

When then senator Noynoy Aquino came to the Philippine STAR office in 2010 in the course of his campaign for the presidency, I approached him to ask a question. He turned his back on me.

This time, still in good faith, I want to offer the President some unsolicited advice before he leaves Malacañang. I hope he will at least pretend to listen, before turning away:

• Slow down to a safer cruising speed, the end of the road is near. There is no point rushing to do in the next six months what you and your coterie failed to do in the past six years. Too late.

• Order your gofers to stop making a financial fastbreak in the last two minutes. Tell them, and follow through, to quit cooking up ways to extract juice from big-ticket projects.

• Exceptions to the last-minute rush jobs: the Metro Rail Transit Line 3 which should be rehabilitated quickly (but without anyone pocketing a single dirty peso) and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport named after your father which needs upgrading to world class.

• Break your disturbing silence of the past five years on illegal drugs and act resolutely against the scourge that has gone rampant in the barangays and campuses under your watch.

• To maximize opportunity for public service, do not waste your limited time campaigning for anyone. If Liberal Party-administration candidates deserve to be elected, they should win on their own merits.

• Spend time mending fences and making amends, especially to the victims of your vengeful inclinations. After you step out, you might find yourself at the receiving end in karmic retribution.

• Stop blabbering about “Daang matuwid.” Bumenta na po yan. Besides, there is nothing “matuwid” in the continuing corruption and the self-righteous persecution of perceived enemies.

• Consider tossing to the noisy crowd beneath your balcony the heads of the Three A’s: Butch Abad, Joseph Abaya and Proceso Alcala. Loyalty to cronies ends where loyalty to the country begins.

• As the coming national elections are crucial to national survival, make it your personal mission to ensure that the May 9 polls do not turn into another automated electoral hocus-PCOS.

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