Countdown to BNT’s 1st year anniversary: we’ve only just begun

(3rd of a Series)


Admittedly, the road to a strategic stalemate in the white area is not a walk in the park. And we have to concur that there is still a long way there.
To the uninitiated, what we meant here is the way to capture a bigger portion of the readers, both from within and outside Bohol, advertisers and the means to capture their attractions are still not there after a year of survival.
Speaking of survival, we have to make our heads up high as we insist that we are not dependent upon the support of local politicians. In fact, we are not name-dropping top ranking politicians in the province as we negotiate for a mass base in the rural areas.
That we do not know with the other media entities who tried to parade themselves as independent but in truth and in fact, they are part of the media payola by the local politicians.
They tried to deny it but they have been uncovered by other media entities which were fed up with their pretensions.
But the men and women behind the Bohol News Today, the first and only daily newspaper in Bohol, can always attest to the fact that they can never be a part of the “envelopmental” journalism.
Its first year of existence can attest to this fact. We have to live within our means and not be held hostage by politicians, big business and the capitalists and even the bourgeoisies.
Perhaps our dear readers noticed how we always emphasized the words FIRST and ONLY daily newspaper in Bohol as a definition of the Bohol News Today.
Truly, because we are the first daily newspaper in the province and even a year after its maiden issue, it still is the only daily newspaper in Bohol.
Its counterpart, the tabloid Bohol Balita Daily News (BBDN) may be categorized as such.
At the rate things are going, Johnny Orioque now holds the distinction of being the only Boholano publisher who publishes three newspapers, the Bohol Balita Daily News (BBDN), its English counterpart the Bohol News Today and the weekly newspaper, The Bohol Sunday Standard in a row.
Problem is, our media competitors could not take this situation sitting down. They have apparently strategized all sorts of distraction and opposition, both from within and without the media industry.
While they should come up with purely constructive criticisms, our jealous media competitors are hitting us below the belt. In boxing, that is definitely a foul.
Tomorrow, we will enumerate how they are hitting us below the belt. (To be continued)

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