Another man killed in city

TAGBILARAN CITY – When will the killings end? This seems to be the nagging question haunting city residents here as another man shot dead at past 1 o’clock early morning Nov. 11, 2015.

A day before also at dawn (not in broad daylight as reported by this paper), a man was killed by still an unknown assailant near Camp Dagohoy, police said.

The latest victim is identified as one Dennis Sebandal Villariasa, 32, single, a tricycle driver and a resident of Purok 3, Dao District in this city, initial investigation said. The victim sustained multiple gunshot wounds while he was still on his tricycle bearing body number 0392, the report said.

Following the information of the shooting incident, elements of city police station led by Adriano Bacus, officer of the day composed of PO3 Silvan L. Palacio, duty criminal Investigator and members of Quick Response Team headed by PO3 Canales, together with PO1 Fornulles and PO1 Bancury and personnel IBT precinct led by SPO2 Sevilla and PO1 Awelon were immediately dispatched to the crime scene.

Also, rescue members of the Telephone And Radio System Integrated Emergency Rescue 117 tried to assist the victim but to no avail. The place where the victim was shot dead “was not well lighted and the place was so muddy,” the report said.

Scene of Crime Operatives (SOCO) team recovered three fired cartridge cases; and one slug on the crime scene. Also found on the victim’s possession were a wallet containing one plastic cellophane containing white crystalline substance believed to be “shabu;” two small plastic straw; one Sony Cellphone; and two Micro Sim, the report said.

A certain Edmer Bumaat, a resident nearby told police that he saw the victim in bloodbath while on his driven tricycle near Dao Diamond hotel. This prompted one Guilberto Rayson, also neighbor, to report it to the police and informed family of the victim.

It was not ascertain yet on the motive of the killing but the investigation hinted of a love triangle.

A day before this, investigators identified the victim as one Marvin Ingles alias “Baloy,” of legal age, a resident of Guiwanon, Baclayon, Bohol who was killed near Camp Dagohoy by still unknown gunman who reportedly fled on a motorcycle.

The victim sustained gunshot wounds “on his right and left face, one on his neck, two on the right chest portion, two on his left and right back and one on his left palm” after the shooting along busy J. A. Clarin street, police said.

“At around 12: 55 a.m. of November 10, 2015, one PO3 Butil, a PNP member assigned at Bohol Provincial Police Office detailed as base police averred that on the above cited time, while rendering his tour of duty as base police he accordingly heard a series burst of fire created just nearby the camp prompted him to go outside the gate purposely to verify the same.”

“Further, he stated that he saw a male person walking towards a black motorcycle wearing a black jacket, black helmet with maong pants and left hurriedly away from the place of incident headed towards Tamblot Extension bound to Land Transportation Office (LTO) most probably the lone gunman,” olice report said.

A certain Charles Borja reported to the police of the shooting incident that prompted police officers led by city police chief Col George Acol Vale along with PInsp Rosemarie Avenido, officer of the day composed of PO2 Rofel Mendoza, duty criminal Investigator and members of Quick Response Team headed by PO2 Lopos with PO1 Junrey Narciso to immediately respond to the reported shooting incident.

Scene of Crime Operatives (SOCO) team recovered five fired cartridge cases on the crime scene and also recovered from the victim’s pockets were: a wallet containing one (1) twenty peso bill; one (1) pc Ten peso Bill; One (5) pcs Five peso Bill; a three A battery; one (1) improvised tooter; one (1) steel file (hand tool with small sharp teeth on all of its surfaces); one (1) lighter; two (2) pcs of small heat sealed transparent cellophane sachet containing suspected shabu granules; one(1) five peso coin; and one (1) black eyeglass.

There was no immediate finding on the motive and who was the assailant as of last night while investigators are still looking any possible angles on the shooting. (With ERn Pahayahay’s report)

Dennis Sebandal Villariasa, the latest victim of killing in the city. (police file)

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