Fast track core houses, please



THERE’s a need to speed up core houses promised by the government, both national and local.


Why? The victims of earthquake of magnitude 7.2 are suffering. They’re not only suffering from the pain of having no physical structure they may call their own, but of mental agony of losing their loved ones, of losing their source of livelihood and also of fear and trauma that may take days even years to recover.


Stories of government’s effort to put in place the core houses through the DSWD in partnership with the Habitat Foundation, a known entity worldwide of building roofs and hopes, as well, is laudable.


It is even more praiseworthy that the government poured billions of pesos for the core houses and other public structures to be built. An amount of Php700 million, more or less, for core housing. Php2.3 billion for rehabilitation of public structures destroyed by the tremor. That’s a lot of money.


And it’s almost two years after that fateful day on October 15, 2013, still slow motion of recovery efforts seem unbearable for those who have already suffered.


Local officials may be partly correct in saying that gone are the days that resources were insufficient, such as funds and personnel to effect the desired project.  It is a hard or rather sad reality that lack of funds makes projects delayed, if not a failure.


But now almost all ingredients are ready to make things work but government projects, and this time the core houses, still hit snags. Why? The taxpayers, most of them, do not know.


We just hope that government officials concerned come to their senses and explain to the people why the delay. We also hope that partisanship is not involved here. Please, fast track the housing to help ease the agony of those who have already suffered.


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