Times call to honor great hero Dagohoy, celebrate “Cry of Bohol”




National Vice Chairman – FORVETS /

Past National Chairman & President

Reserve Officers Legion of the Phil. (ROLP)

Aside from the guerilla heroes, we have countless patriotic Bohol officials led by the illustrious son of Bohol, Pres. Carlos Polestico Garcia, Congressmen GenaroVisarra, Maximino Garcia and martyred Congressman TeodoroAbueva and his wife, Purificacion Veloso de Abueva.

We have to recognize the good deeds of Congressmen Margarito Revilles, Isabelo Binamira, Gov. Celestino Gallares, Agapito Hontanosas Sr., Conrado Marapao, Victoriano Tirol, Mayors Pio Ferandos, Anacleto Sevilla, Avelino Chagas, Victoriano Zafra, Marcos Estillore, Andres Madayag and all provincial, municipal and barangay officials who have shown heroic motives of not putting up armed resistance to the superior enemy forces to avoid more bloodshed and destruction of properties.

Also, thousands of innocent civilians in the province to include Boholano Chinese businessmen/residents suffered untold sufferings when they were interned in Tagbilaran concentration camp.

In more than three decades of national conflicts particularly in the secessionist movements in Mindanao-Sulu and other insurgent areas in the Visayas and Luzon, we have thousands of gallant living and dead soldiers, and unknown heroes who sacrificed and a number gave their lives for freedom.

These brave soldiers are Navy Captain Arturo Blancas, Majors Corloncito, Sang-an, Captains Ricardo Calimbayan, Bugash, Valles, Manuel Catayas, Jose Lofranco who was my company commander in Sulu, other officers, enlisted personnel, draftees and trainees special mention first combat casualty army Trainee Ranario of Garcia Hernandez. We have a big number of living heroes who are very happy to see us all now enjoying peace and bountiful lives.

Citing Tirol’s writings and other sources, the times call for all moving forces of our government to make corrections in celebrating or commemorating our historical and other significant events and sites in Bohol such as the transfer of Blood Compact shrine from Bool, Tagbilaran City to Loay town and celebrate first Bohol Independence Day in July 4 and Republic of Bohol on July 11.

Also amend the RA 7683 to correct Bohol Day on March 3 instead of July 22 and giving honors to “Trece Martires de Batuan” every September 30. The victories of our Boholano brave patriots led by Martin Cabagnot in Balikwing, Carmen in September 3 and in Guindulman in September 15; the massacre of thousands of people captured by the American forces in Guindulman, Candijay and Anda in September16.

The construction of Heroes Walk in Tagbilaran City (Plaza Rizal/ New Capitol Site) with the monuments of Dagohoy, Datu Sikatuna (Blood Compact Shrine), Martin ”Kapitan Pakla” Cabagnot, Vicente “Francisco Salazar” Cubero, and other known war heroes and unknown soldiers and innocent civilians during the Spanish, American and Japanese wars and national conflicts

The Filipino-Japanese shrine in Moalong, Loon and in Guindulman; improvement of Dagohoy monuments in Danao; monument of Republic of Bohol President Bernabe Reyes of Dauis; improvement of President Garcia monument; improve Guindulman historical monuments and markers to include American and Japanese shrines. Improvement of Abuevas monument/marker; and others.

These monuments, shrines and markers are fitting tributes to our heroes and will surely attract many local and foreign tourists here in the province. The Japanese Kamikaze (suicide) pilots’ monument and other shrines in Central Luzon are attracting thousands of tourists from Japan, Korea and other countries.

It is now time to create nationalistic ideals and encourage our youth to unleash their heroic potentials.

We believe that historical errors should be also corrected now before we of the older generation who still remember will fade away by amending our Philippine Flag Code.

We think, it would not be as contentious adding a ninth ray to the sun of our national flag to represent Bohol aside from the eight provinces in Luzon as among the provinces that first relinquished allegiance and revolted against Spain and as part of our national heritage.

After World War ll, many people around the world were touched by the poem written by Charles Michael Province, the Founder and President of General George S. Patton Historical Society most especially these lines, “It is the soldier who always salutes the flag, who serves beneath the flag, and whose coffin is draped by the flag, and who allow the protestors to burn the flag.”

Our flag is the symbol of our nation’s identity, independence and integrity.

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