TBTK chaotic, but resolves impasse

TAGBILARAN CITY – The Tigum Bol-anon sa Tobuok Kalibutan (TBTK), a grand homecoming of Boholanos from around the world to this city slated every three years, was at it again, debating on its charter that become chaotic whenever they met but finally resolved it, said a committee member whose name is withheld.

There had been similar discussions of the same subject matter in the past during the existence of the organization’s 6 triennial assemblies.

In yesterday’s gathering held at Metro Center Hotel in this city, heated debates ensued following the proposal of its president Neil Bonje to scrap altogether the original charter and the second one.

And instead, he batted for a new charter as guide to start all over again.

But his proposal did not sail smoothly since most of the original founding members, including Dr. Nick Lopez of Loon, were opposed to it.

One of the members, Cleofe Lamdagan of Circulo Boholano in Chicago stood up and proposed for the retention of the original charter. Lopez, who founded TBTK apparently supported her.

Bonje had no other option but move for the “division of the house,” meaning to allow members to cast vote on his proposal. And the result was 16 voted against 12 in favor of his proposal.

Amendments to the old charter followed by changing TBTK as a mere “movement” to an “organization” which shall meet every after three years not four years.

TBTK also tinkered the provision on the election of its officers and allocation of representatives according to the regions of the world.

The identified regions of the world entitled for representation to the BOD are Eastern and Western Canada; Northeastern, Southeastern, Midwest, Southern of the United States of America; Northeastern, Northern and Southern California, USA; Middleeast; Europe; Australia, New Zealand; Hong Kong; Singapore; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The elected members of the board of directors shall elect among themselves its chairman, proposal said.

After the amendments of the charter, it was expected that election of officers for the three-year term took place during meeting and induction of officers for 2015-2018 was scheduled last night at Bohol Tropics Resort. (rvo)

TBTK 2015 assembly held at Metro Center Hotel Tagbilaran City. (rvo)

TBTK bigwigs Cleofe Landagan (left), Dr. Nick Lopez and TBTK president Neil Bonje. (rvo)

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