Rene reminds student leaders, campus advisers: “Be a Filipino”

TAGBILARAN CITY. – Rep. Rene L. Relampagos, Bohol’s first district solon, addressed student leaders and campus student advisers from different parts of the country during the Opening Program of the National Mid-Year Convention for Campus Advisers and Student Leaders organized by the Philippine Association of Campus Student Advisers (PACSA).

Held last July 10 and with the theme “Youth Empowerment and Campus Advising Amidst Challenges in ASEAN Integration”, the congressman reminded the attendees to be a Filipino and embrace who they are.

“Let us acknowledge our being Filipinos and be proud of that. Then let us lend ourselves to excellence and make sure that excellence not only becomes our goal but our habit and our way of life.”

Relampagos emphasized how Filipinos excel in every field they immerse themselves, citing the Loboc Children’s Choir as an example who, at that time, was holding a series of concerts in Australia.

“Filipinos excel because they are Filipinos. Filipinos are disciplined. Filipinos are creative, talented and hardworking.”

Relampagos also stressed, “The challenge – in the ASEAN integration and globalization, is to continue our long history of excellence. Raise the bar of our students. Let us take pride in who we are, in what we are and what we can do. To do this, we must, first and foremost, embrace our roots. Take pride in our culture and showcase our heritage.”

The first district representative, who chairs the House Committee on Tourism, reminded both campus student advisers and student leaders that being Filipinos and taking pride of it is a way to empower the youth.

“Unless, we ourselves truly believe in who we are, we can never be good models to our youths. We will only be cheap copycats and can never truly inspire. Let us accept and teach that we cannot all be machu pichus but we can be the best chocolate hills in the world,” he said.

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