Mayor orders probe on “mass dog poisoning”

PANGLAO, Bohol – Was there really “mass dog poisoning” in this town? Who were the perpetrators? What were the motives?

These are some nagging questions on dog poisoning report which were raised during the press conference convened at posh Bellevue resort in this town yesterday.

Mayor Leonila P. Montero of this town vowed to conduct an investigation on the “mass dog pisoning” to find out the truth. Details of the probe were not known yet as the mayor is expected to form a body and define their roles, said an official.

But she reminded those who are dog lovers to be responsible pet owners, citing a certain law.

The news report of mass dog poisoning” came out in the weekly Bohol Tribune. It caught tourism industry players off-hand.

Bellevue resort manager Rommel Gonzales sharply reacted to the news. He said that the news item was insinuating that Bellevue was pictured to be involved in the alleged dog poisoning since there was no other resort in this town that sponsors triathlon.

And triathlon was mentioned in the news and it is even implying that the next triathlon would back out because of the mass dog poisoning incident recently, he said.

He categorically said that Bellevue was not involved in any way in mass dog poisoning, saying the resort management condemns the report. “This is not good journalism for tourism,” he said.

He added that Belleveu is not only badly affected in this news report but all other stakeholders in tourism industry.

One media practitioner raised the use of “mass dog poisoning” when in the news there were only two mentioned being poisoned. Is one or two dogs being poisoned already considered as “mass dog poisoning,” he asked.

Asked if she knew this earlier, Mayor Montero said in the negative. It was only yesterday that she learned about it when she hurriedly read the news item. And nobody informed her about it, she said

Vice-Mayor Fuertes and police chief Joemar Pomarejos also did not learned this “mass dog poisoning” report until it was brought up to this attention only yesterday.

At the date the incident (dog poisoning) was reported, no one inform the police so that they could act or respond to it, Pomarejos said.

Some officials here said that why the said paper did not try to get the side of the resort or inquire from the officials here to be fair in the reporting. (rvo)

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