Rotten fish

What is bugging the anti-illegal drugs campaign in Bohol?
This question comes to mind in the light of the proliferation of illegal drugs in Bohol. While press releases trumpet the arrests of small-fry drug personalities, the big fishes continue to swim freely while plying their trade.
If you go by the number of apprehensions recorded every month, you will get the impression that the campaign against illegal drugs is going full throttle. And yet, it flies fast in the face of the inroad that this social menace has gained in Bohol.
The contrasting scenarios give rise to suspicions that something is bugging the illegal drugs campaign. If there was none, it would have swiftly and decisively dealt the drug syndicates a beating from which it cannot recover.
So where did the government’s campaign went wrong?
Some say it has to do with the deterioration of people’s values and the emergence of a decadent lifestyle that trivializes and even romanticize drug use. There is a truth to that.
More and more people think that drug abuse is cool because they not only see it in the movies and read it in magazines but witness how their idols in the entertainment and even in the sports industry indulge in it.
And yet this would not be enough to turn the illegal drug business into a cottage industry. It will have to take more than that – like law-enforcement personnel and local government functionaries looking the other way.
On the other hand, the only way for them to look the other way is to make them part of the industry. And so once in a while, we read of clerks tipping off syndicate members of an impending raid.
Sometimes, it is even policemen who alert the crooks when a police posse heads for its target. If this were a cat and mouse game, the rats would be long gone by the time the cat moves in for the kill.
When the big fishes keep getting away leaving the small fry to rot in jail, something is terribly wrong. The smell of rotten fish is so strong it would be impossible to disregard it.
Surprisingly, the stench doesn’t seem to disturb people in high places. They move around as if nothing is wrong. Is it simply because their noses have become immune to stench, or is it because they just don’t care?
Whatever the reason, some people are at least guilty of the sin of omission.

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