Police: Brains of Mau’s murder still a mystery

TAGBILARAN CITY – The mastermind of the killing on Valentines day of the late Engr. Maurito “Mau” Ramirez Lim, a DYRD blocktimer, remains a mystery considering that the suspect identified as one Jovani Celocia Orenia is a “gun-for-hire specialist.”

Police revealed that Orenia was hired for whooping sum, Php80,000 to kill “Mau.”

As this developed, the recovered empty shell bullet of .45 caliber pistol used in the slay of “Mau” matched up perfectly with the caliber .45 Colt pistol confiscated from the suspect, one Jovani Celocia Orenia.

Police called a press conference yesterday held at Reyna’s restaurant in this city not only to announce that Mau’s case appeared “solved” but to drum up campaign against criminality and illegal drugs intensively launched by the Camp Dagohoy police command led by provincial director Col. Dennis Palo Agustin.

Police said that Orenia, a native of barangay San Carlos, Danao, Bohol, a suspect of the murder of Maurito Lim, admitted he resides at the late city councilor Atty. Alexander “Aleckoy” Lim’s residence as a helper.

Confiscated from Orenia after the buy-bust operation conducted by Camp Dagohoy’s Provincial Intelligence Branch (PIB) were caliber .45 pistol with 11 live bullets; suspected “shabu” granules contained in 11 plactic packs worth Php2,000 plus; and a mobile phone were confiscated from Orenia, police said.

The late Engr. Maurito “Chairman Mau” Lim was shot to death before he got off from his Isuzu Crosswind to anchor his radio program, “Chairman Mau On Board” over DyRD on Valentines day.

Police concluded that the specimen of a cartridge (empty shell) recovered from the crime scene where Mau Lim was shot to death “was fired from .45 Colt pistol with serial number 30100003823” seized from Orenia, based on the Firearms Identification Report No. FAIS-42-2015 dated March 10, 2015.

SP02 Florentino Butil Diola, forensic firearm examiner and PSupt Pinky Sayson Acog, provincial chief forensic signed the said report obtained by Bohol News Today.

As basis of the conclusion of the ballistic result, the findings said the “microscopic examination and comparison of the specimen marked “1” (empty shell) revealed individual characteristics with the test cartridge cases fired from the above-mentioned firearm in “JCO-BB-04” (.45 Colt pistol), the report said.

Orenia’s whereabouts have been monitored closely for several days, Mananquil said, including his engaging in illegal drugs that are allegedly peddled in Mansasa, Lindaville and airport as his turfs in illegal drugs trade. After several days of surveillance, Orenia was positively on the drugs watchlist prior to his capture.

Orenia, a former Cafgu, was convicted of illegal possession of firearm and sentenced to four years and six months in prison. He availed of probation hence his release from prison while his application (for probation) is still inprogress and resides at Atty Lim’s residence.

Meanwhile, PSI Jacinto Mandal confirmed that police ruled out the media-related work as motive of Mau’s murder.

He said that based on SMS (short messaging service or text) from the Mau’s mobile phone revealed that some messages point to “land dispute.”

Aside from Agustin, Mananquil, police officers city police chief George Vale, Atty. Fidel Tutor, Nicomedes Olayvar, Joie Yape, Jacinto Mandal and other police officers initiated the said presscon. (rvo)

PNP TOP BRASS. High ranking police officers Atty. Fidel Tutor (from left), Nicomedes Olayvar, city police chief George Vale, provincial director Dennis Agustin, Joie Yape, Jojit Mananquil and jacinto mandal (standing) answer questions from the media yesterday. (NILO SAPONG)

Jovani Celocia Orenia, the suspect of Mau’s murder. (NILO SAPONG)


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