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Advancing the rights of women has gone a long way from the tragic March 25 Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in New York City.
The factory accepted mostly Italian and Jewish women immigrants because they are paid lower.
Over 140 women, consumed by the will to bring warm food to their starving families, slaved in inhumane conditions and beaten by unfair labor practices got charred; even their dreams of a better meal got over-cooked.
The incident ignited the wick that soon consume kindling and blazed into the international observance of the Women’s Day.
By the mid 20th century, women with the burning passion for equal rights organized pickets and strikes to grab attention over their miserable conditions.
Unjust pay, inhuman working conditions, and male-biased labor laws were insults they had to bear until their backs break.
They saw, until can wield the hammer pounding policies, the apron-wiping kitchen fixture would have no other place but home.
In the Philippines, six women now occupy senate halls, patting legislation to be more polite to women in a largely patriarchal society.
In Congress, women legislators sidled into 79 of 289 seats. The past polls also showed that women occupy 22.5% of the total gubernatorial posts and 18.5% of the total vice gubernatorial posts.
In Bohol, about 33% of the 48 mayoralty seats have women wielding power in an unprecedented takeover. Another 10% of the vice mayoralty seats find women banging gavels to hammer local legislative agenda.
At the recent Kapihan sa PIA, BM Godofreda Tirol acknowledged the advanced state of women empowerment here.
But a cursory look at local appropriations for women gets one thinking otherwise.
2015 ushers in another election year: this becomes an open door for women to get the numbers and finally reclaim rights long denied of them.
Now this becomes interesting, because If women see this, they will no sooner realize, they have the numbers. (30)

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