The same

Notwithstanding the obvious animosity between them, it seems like Vice President Jejomar Binay and Secretary Mar Roxas share one thing in common: the desire for a Cabinet position.
Well, this is not to overlook the obvious which is the moist eye that the two of them cast on Malacanang. There’s no doubt about that, but the present is far more intriguing than the future.
Binay continues to hold on to his position as Housing Urban Development Coordinating Council chairman, a post to which he was appointed by President Benigno Simeon Aquino III in 2010.
The 72-year-old Boy Scouts of the Philippines national president has been at the receiving end of a vicious demolition job courtesy of political rivals in the Senate. This has been blamed for his plummeting ratings.
With his peers in the Cabinet clearly treating him as an enemy, Binay would have been better off if only he resigned before the demolition job began. But since he didn’t, he finds himself in an awkward position.
He is not considered a part of the Liberal Party administration, which is naturally more inclined to support Roxas, but neither is he considered the leader of the opposition – because he continues to sit as a Cabinet member.
If Binay had resigned earlier and established his affiliation with the opposition, he would have had a better chance of getting away with his defense that the Senate inquisition is politically-motivated.
Since he continued to hold on to his Cabinet position, something is not right.
Why would the administration train its guns on one of its own? While he had long declared his presidential plans, those who consider him a part of the administration are entitled to the benefit of the doubt because he is still a part of it.
On the other hand, those on the other side of the political fence have enough justification to regard him with suspicion. How could they repose their trust in him when he attends Cabinet meetings for administration functionaries?
Meanwhile, Roxas should have scored propaganda points, and perhaps even propped up his image if only he resigned when he was not informed about the Mamasapano operation.
What honorable man would continue to serve in a position where he does not enjoy the trust and confidence of his superior? It’s a strange response for one who has a lousy temper. Of course, that is assuming that he really did not know.
Two bitter rivals, yet they look the same.

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