Manny must serve only one master


So finally we will see the fight of the century in the Mayweather-Pacquiao boxing match that both camps have announced a few days ago. I read from news accounts that in less than 10 minutes after the announcement was made, more than 6,000 hotel rooms were reserved in Las Vegas where the fight will be staged at the MGM Grand. That is how boxing fans all over the world have waited for this fight and they are excited that the fight will actually happen.

This is boxing history in the making. And are we not fortunate that the Philippines will again be the focus of the world, all because we have a Filipino who makes us all proud to be one. More than anyone else Manny Pacquiao is our best attraction. It is always more fun to watch him fight inside the ring whether he wins or loses. For sure, the fight date will be again zero crime in the Philippines as all will be glued to their TVs or flock to the theatres to watch the fight.

It will not matter anymore if he wins or loses this fight with Mayweather. What is important is that both fighters are giving the boxing world and the fans the fight that they have asked for since five years ago. Anyway, in this fight no one can lose even if only one hand will be raised by the referee as winner. The purse by any standard is one made for a winner and a champion.

The least that Mayweather will get is $150 million while Pacquiao will get no less than $80 million. By Philippine standards, Pacquiao will be a certified billionaire. Who in the Philippines today can earn P3.5 billion in 36 minutes of hard work? Not even the most corrupt government official or the most astute businessman can make that kind of money today. Not even suspected PDAF scam queen Napoles can do that even with the cooperation and collusion of the highest officials of the land.

Manny Pacquiao is the greatest Filipino athlete we have ever produced. He is the best in his sport. Every boxer should learn from him if not model him. For that I am his fan too. But I cannot say that of him as an elected Representative of his people in Congress.

Manny Pacquiao has eight (8) boxing divisions to his title. No other one has achieved that yet in the boxing world. But as a Member of the House of Representatives, he has more absences from the session than when he was present. No member of Congress has also made that record of absences, only him. So as a professional boxer and as an athlete, he is superb. But as an elected official and as Member of the House of Representatives his poor performance is unimaginable. He is a pride of the Filipinos in boxing but he is a disappointment to his people in Sarangani province. He may have given more in physical benefits to his constituents in Sarangani but for his job as a Congressman, his performance is dismal if not nil.

It will be to his glory and the pride of the country if Manny makes a choice of what career to pursue. He cannot be good at both. If he chooses to stay with boxing, then he should get out of politics and focus on boxing or basketball, his recent passion. He may yet maintain his world titles for another decade. But he cannot be a congressman at the same time and be the best at both careers.

If he chooses to be in politics since his age will sooner or later catch up with him, it will be to the good of his career as a politician and a boon to his constituents. After all he has the heart for the poor since he was there as a child and a young man. He will always feel for the poor and will look for means to improve their lot. That is what makes a politician tick. But for now, he cannot serve two masters and hope to be effective and efficient in both of them.


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