Edsa’s fault?

The 29th anniversary of the Edsa People Power Revolt proves how fickle people’s minds can be.
While those in power come up with different versions of the observance, most people do not care less. There are those who question the observance. Some even go as far as saying Edsa is a failure.
Just because we are going through rough times does not mean Edsa is to be blamed for them.
For one, to put it that way would be to legitimize the Marcos dictatorship and all that it stood for. That would be the same as saying that all those who were killed, tortured and persecuted deserved their fate.
Just because succeeding administrations failed to uplift the conditions of the people does not mean Edsa was wrong. It is a simplistic verdict that does not give justice to all who valiantly fought the regime.
A person who suffers a relapse in his condition after going through a medical procedure cannot say the procedure was a failure. There were other factors that led to a relapse that should be factored in diagnosing the patient’s condition.
In the same manner, the bungling, failures, inefficiency and corruption of succeeding generations contributed to the deterioration of society into what it is now which should not lead to an indictment of Edsa.
There is no such thing as a “live happily ever after” story in this world.
This can be said of the best democracies and the worst dictatorships. The top economies can crash down to earth at certain stages in the same manner that the freest nation might yet become authoritarian before they know it.
The late, unlamented Marcos years are a disgrace, a dark era in our nation’s history. It should not be seen in any other way. The passing of time may heal wounds, but the healing does not justify the pain suffered as a consequence of it.
It is a sad fact in life, however, that many people find it hard to appreciate the sacrifices of those who went ahead of them. This is not only insensitive but ingratitude.
Edsa gave the country and its people enough reasons to feel again, hope again and dream again.
Unfortunately, the country unraveled not too long after largely due to the excesses and abuses of those who came after Marcos. There were other factors, but the buck stops at the top.
But blaming Edsa for this? We might as well declare Marcos a patron saint.

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