Bad script

What a difference one incident can make.
Not too long ago, President Benigno Simeon Aquino III was considered as the game-changer in next year’s presidential election. Except for his harshest critics, many conceded that PNoy’s endorsement would tilt the balance for his bet.
Not anymore.
Today, there are many who say the President’s endorsement would be a virtual kiss of death. This development is due to his plummeting popularity after the Mamasapano fiasco that threw all political equations in disarray.
What makes it more disturbing is that the reverberations continue to this day. And unless the President comes clean and bares most, if not all, the negative perception will hit rock bottom yet.
Before Mamasapano, PNoy was considered a very important factor in next year’s polls. This is the reason why Secretary Mar Roxas, who has been lagging in the surveys for a long time, refused to give up the fight.
Jaded political watchers believed that due to the President’s high approval rating, his endorsement will carry much weight. Add to that the massive organization at the disposal of the Liberal Party and you agree with the optimism.
Now, this scenario looks like a thing of the past.
There are many among his party mates who think twice before asking for PNoy’s endorsement. Unless he recovers, PNoy’s endorsement may in fact work for the opponent than for his candidate.
More than that, however, is the very real danger of PNoy running smack into a diabolical scheme to unseat him through extra-legal means. The threat cannot be taken lightly because there are those who will benefit from his removal.
In fact, there are people who see a “Save the King” scenario in the works notwithstanding all the administration’s effort to dispel the coup threats. After all, official denials are not necessarily reassuring.
Veteran journalists wryly insist that an official denial might in fact be a virtual confirmation. So no amount of denials from the Palace will suffice to kill the talks of a coup in the works.
Of course, it is too early to call it a day for PNoy.
For one, spin masters have been feverishly working on as many diversionary tactics as they can think of. So far, they have been unsuccessful. But that doesn’t mean they will not succeed.
Raising the Binay bogey, however, no longer seems to be a good idea. It is about time they come up with something more creative. Bad scripts expire earlier than usual.

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