Some months later, Aning was sent by her aunt to college in Cagayan de Oro City as she took up Education course. But, though she was already at the middle of the school year, Aning did not take her studies seriously. She was always doing frequent absences to her classes but instead always going out with her newly-acquainted friend-Christine.
“Christine, let’s go out! We will not attend our classes this afternoon.” Without having a good mood, she approached her at the cafeteria.
“Yup …but what’s up?” Christine asked.
“I don’t know… let us just make fun going around at the downtown.” while she joined Christine eating with her lunch.
“I observe it seems you like Roel… one of our classmates in English.” Christine said teasingly while they were strolling around at the plaza park.
“Obvious??? Ha! Ha! Ha! I am only flirting at him.” Aning answered laughingly.
“…because, he is so cute.”
“What if Roel would turn serious at you…?”Christine asked.
“Ha! Ha! Ha! …He is not my type to be my BF.” Aning reacted.
“What do you like to a guy, who could pass to your criteria?”
“I like a guy who will not make me cry…who would love me truly.” Aning replied Christine in a little serious.
“Are you serious? …where you can find that kind of guy at this time?” Christine reacted unbelievably.
“If I can’t find that type of guy…then I would continue flirting to many cute guys at the school.” Aning replied but did not mean it seriously. She looked at her watch when she remembered that her aunt would pass by to her boarding house at 6 o’ clock in the evening.
“Chris, I think I need to go back now to my boarding house.”
“Ok! I will just go to my barkada’s house… just see you tomorrow at school.”
After one year of Aning in college, she got failing grades to her enrolled subjects. Her aunt who was always busy doing her copra- buying business, had nothing to do but to let Aning stopped from her studies for the mean time as to prioritize her younger sister Josie to finish her high school.
“Aning, don’t forget to wash our dirty clothes today.” Her aunt told when she was about to leave after their breakfast for her daily routines.
“Yes, Tiyay!”Aning replied.

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