The Shepherd

Free Verse
Chito A. Fuentes

It was a cold, lonely night in the field
To the shepherds, it was always like this.
Open skies leave them nothing but the stars
They seem so near in a world so dark.

On this cold night, the sheep seemed unafraid
Silent and still, in the cold night’s dark shade.
The shepherds know they were free to wander
Away from there, with no worry or fear.

The shepherds know sheep trust them most at night
When there’s no choice, sheep know who to turn to.
The sheep is sure, that the shepherd’s arm
Will protect them from all danger and harm.

Then it happened, the sky lit up with light
The angel spoke to the privileged few.
“Fear not!” the angels calmed their fright
This is good news in a world of bad news.

Who is this Child for whom the angels sing?
Why is He here, what is the news He brings?
Even the stars could not hide His glory
There is no doubt, He is a deity.

The shepherds went without hesitation
They did not waste heaven’s invitation
To see the Babe that no inn would welcome.
He is their King, in His world that will come.

It was the same desert they returned to
Still the same sheep they have to attend to.
But something changed when they met the Savior
They spread the Word, to the world He came for.

The shepherds saw what Bethlehem missed out
They didn’t know why He chose them instead.
In later years, the shepherds would find out
They were His sheep, He was the Shepherd.

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