series 10

series 10
Aning had found that she would be secured in the hands of Ramon if ever she would give her “yes” to him. At the beginning of their friendship she had been also secretly admiring to Ramon. She knew that Ramon was really sincere to her.
“Ramon, I know you will not let me cry someday.” Aning answered affectionately. She thought at that night, that maybe it was the right time for her to have already a serious relationship.
“Hmm…I accept you now to be my boyfriend.” while she lay down at Ramon’s arm.
“Thank you very much, Anne! You are so special to me. I love you very much!” Ramon embraced her so tight and affectionately kissed her lips.
When Aning opened her eyes, she got immediately to her sight her daughter- Rosa who was seating down beside at her head.
“Mama, all of us your children and your apos love you so much!” Rosa spoke softly to her.
“You are the best mother we ever have!” while she was wiping the tears of her mom falling to her cheeks.
“Thank you…my daughter!” on her thought she answered as she just nodded her head. After a while her two other daughters – Mary and Grace arrived.
“Mama, I did not just bother you while ago in your good rest.” Mary said.
“It’s time for your medicine.”
“Mama, I do really hope for your good recovery.” Grace approached to her bed and looked at the gauge level of her oxygen tank was placed at her head side.
“I know God has His beautiful plan for me.” Aning answered in serene-calm voice.
But, after a while, Aning felt again the intolerable pain to her whole body as it came- out from time to time. “Ohhh!… here comes again!” she exclaimed. “Ohhhh!”
“Grace, please call the nurse!” Rosa worriedly told her sister.
“Nurse! Nurse!” after she hurriedly rushed to the nurse station just very near outside the ICU Ward. “Can you give again the pain reliever to my mom?” Grace asked the nurse.
“Yes. Maam!” The nurse quickly entered into the room of Aning brought with her the syringe.
“Madame, please don’t move yet your body.” The nurse told affectionately Aning while she injected the syringe to her wrist arm.

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