CHRISTMAS Message of Bishop Leonardo MEDROSO

CHRISTMAS greetings to the People of God of the Diocese of Tagbilaran and the province of Bohol.

“The humanity of Christ is our happiness.” These are the very words uttered by St. Thomas Aquinas in which he speaks about Jesus. He said precisely, “Ad huno finem beatitudinis, hominess reducuntur per humanitatem Christi.” Through the humanity of Christ, men and women are brought back towards the mystery of God, our Creator who constantly desires peace among His creatures.

The fundamental significance of Christmas is peace and goodwill. “Glory to God in the highest and peace to His people on earth.” This peace is anchored on harmonious relationship with others because when the Child eventually grew up, He was willing to stand up for the well-being of others; He always bestowed blessings to others; and ultimately, He was ready to die for the salvation of the world.

In a world where we are constantly threatened by disorder, strife and confusion, we are called to be always thoughtful and sincere with our relationships. Peace will only happen and is unfolded when we are true to ourselves and upright with our relationship with others by embodying in us the Gospel message.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

In Christ Jesus,
Bishop Leonardo Medroso

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